Over the past year, one new rugged smartphone has surpassed the expectations of many. Of course, we’re talking about the CAT S60.

This innovative mobile device has not only caught the attention of those genuinely interested in tough mobile phones but also of those who, before its launch, could not have cared less about them. Caterpillar’s rugged smartphone also happens to be the world’s first and only smartphone with a thermal-imaging camera.  This ground-breaking feature serves as a tool for heavy industry, extreme sports, and DIY purposes.

Highest possible rating – IP68

No doubt, one of the most important features when judging the quality of a rugged phone is its IP rating. The CAT S60 boasts the highest possible rating – IP68. However, what is even more impressive is the fact that it surpasses this measure by a clear mile. Devices with IP68 rating must be able to withstand intrusion from water (when submersed for up to 1.5 metres) for a time period of 30 minutes. However, the Caterpillar UK tests show that this waterproof smartphone is submersible for a depth of 5 metres for an hour. You really won’t find a Smartphone as tough as this! (note that when submerging  below 2 metres, you  need to flick a yellow switch to protect the speaker)

CAT S60 Built-in FLIR thermal camera

What really puts this tough phone above the others is the integrated front and rear cameras. With a 5MP front lens and a 13MP submersible rear lens with built-in FLIR thermal camera, the CAT S60 is more than impressive, it’s innovative.

Gorilla Glass 4

Making a dent in the 4.7″ touch screen display isn’t easy. It is fitted with Gorilla Glass 4, the latest in anti-shock touchscreen technology. Caterpillar assure that you can drop the phone from a height of 1.8 metres without creating a meagre dent. Although the phone is almost twice as thick as your average smartphone, its robust chassis makes it near indestructible.

If you need your CAT S60 in hazardous environments, the SOS button serves various safety functions.

Best waterproof smartphones

To wrap up, this is one of the best waterproof smartphones that we have come across, with specs that mirror those of Android smartphones in the same price bracket. Whether for professional or everyday use, the S60 is a sound investment for your business or yourself.

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