Below we have compiled a list of the top 5 Entel two-way radios that are available on today’s market!

Entel is a telecoms company that specialises in two-way radios. They have a vast selection of both maritime and land radios.

Known especially for their robust design and strong IP rating, all radios come with the latest features; from noise cancellation to group calling.

The radios in the HX and HT series differ from each other in such a way that allows you to tailor your choice perfectly, selecting the right features for you. Thus providing you with the exact radio you’re looking for!

HT20 VHF Marine radioHT20 VHF Marine radio Entel two-way radios

Since it’s release in 2013 the HT20 has achieved the prestigious 5 star rating in Motor Boat and Yachting magazine. It is the only hand held radio on the market today to have done so.

As the name suggests; this  radio is geared towards maritime use, however it would be just as effective on land. This Entel two-way radio is designed to survive the harshest conditions.

The IP67 rating ensures little effect from shock or water and the casing is built to Military 810 standards.

Key Features:

  • 25km range
  • 18 hour battery life
  • 36 private channels

HX483 Entry LCD UHFHX483 Entry LCD UHF Entel two-way radios

The licensed HX43 is a compact and robust two-way radio with amazing audio quality, operating on the UHF 400 – 470MHz frequency range.

The most impressive feature about this Entel two-way radio are the 255 channels to which you have access. This gives the potential to have multiple conversations simultaneously,  something which may be crucial when travelling out at sea.

As usual, Entel have issued this radio with a strong IP55 rating.

Key Features:

  • VOX hands-free function
  • Programmable channel monitor button
  • LCD display

 HT446L SubmersibleEntel two-way radios HT446L

The HT446L is a license-free robust radio with an IP68 rating and high visibility LCD display. This Entel two-way radio is designed to overcome the most hostile environments.

This cost effective radio is one of the toughest handheld radios on the market and the design permits use in the most extreme environments.

The high IP rating means the device can submerge to a depth of 5 metres for up to an hour.

The HT446L has the same mechanical construction and testing procedures as the walkie talkies used by the UK Fire and Rescue services.

Key features:

  • Military Standard 810
  • 255 channels
  • Extra loud audio

HT644 VHF MarineHT644 VHF Marine Entel two-way radios

The Entel HT644 has been designed to meet the challenges of life at sea, and comes pre-programmed to 58 marine channels, 10 weather channels with 36 programmable private channels.

The 58 marine channels can switch to comply with USA, International and Canadian channels.

This device; much like the HT446L has an IP68 rating which means that it is able to submerge to a depth of  5 metres for up to 60 minutes.

Key Features:

  • VOX hands-free
  • Scan function
  • LCD Display

 HT446EEntel two-way radios HT446E

The HT446E is a hybrid of the 446L and the 644, it comes with similar properties and is just as robust.

The IP68 rating combined with the Military-Std 810 standard guarantees performance whilst withstanding shock, corrosion and contact with water.

Entel have certainly not compromised the audio for any other features, extra loud alerts and VOX function give you the ability to go hands-free in loud situations.

Key Features:

  • 16 programmable channels
  • Priority channel scan
  • 5 metre submersion for 60 minutes

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