Looking for a more effective means of communication? Looking to save on travel expenses? Cloud conferencing is the perfect solution for you. With its simple set up, you can focus on your business key objectives rather than worrying about technological mishaps.

Cloud Conferencing: What is it?

With cloud conferencing make HD video calls from your device from wherever you are. Connect with other users through a shared company directory; hassle free without needing an analogue or IP conference phone. With the global video conferencing market expected to grow at 7.9% from 2018 to 2026, now is the best time to invest!

Cloud Conferencing : Benefiting your Business 

Cost and Time Effective

You can enjoy straightforward conferences by quickly connecting with participants through the use of the cloud, rather than travelling to a particular location you can also save on travel expenses. It does not require expensive equipment nor will you have to pay standard landline rates for calls.


By subscribing to an online service you will benefit from the expertise of their technicians.


Cloud conferencing creates seamless communication channels; you are able to engage in conferences from your PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone wherever you may be.

Software on the Market

Cloud conferencing software varies widely on both features available and on price. The most basic applications, such as Google + Hangouts, are free and require only an internet connection and a PC, smartphone or tablet. Although they can’t be beaten on price, these are less suitable for those looking for a high-quality service that rivals traditional analogue and IP conference systems.

If you are looking for a more capable service, then Skype for Business, WebEx and Zoom are all extremely popular video conferencing options. These provide sophisticated features for effective conferencing and are focus heavily on content sharing. Microsoft Lync Online also acts a versatile platform that combines conferencing, instant messaging and file sharing features allowing it to meet all of your business communication needs.

What equipment will you need?

In principal, you do not need any conferencing equipment to participate in cloud conferencing. Only an application and device that can connect to it with a microphone.

However, if you’re looking for a high-quality solution then we recommended that you invest in a microphone and webcam. In this case, finding a good quality microphone with full duplex technology, echo cancellation and noise reduction technology is important. If you are also looking for a top of the range camera, then a PTZ (pan-tilt zoom) camera is the best option.

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