Conquer every room!

The Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless Series. A system perfect for online meetings. The design perfectly matches any workplace.  It is equipped with outstanding features.

This device would suit any business.

Why you´ll love it

Easy to use 

Whether you are looking to host a small or large conference, the TeamConnect Wireless Series will have you covered. You can instantly host online meetings with up to 12 to 24 participants. Easy installation will allow you to enjoy hassle-free conferencing! Remove the master and satellite units from the charging dock and they automatically connect to one another, forming the highest quality DECT connection.

Suitable for meeting rooms

There are three versions of the TeamConnect, so you can select a system tailored to your needs. Suitable for any meeting room, regardless of room size. The storage solution also serves as a charging dock, ensuring your device is always charged. This is a practical solution for business users who travel from room-to-room to conduct conferences.

Supports multiple audio channels

You can quickly connect any laptop or smart device through Bluetooth or via USB connections. The TeamConnect series supports multiple audio channels, you can add callers to an ongoing meeting at ease.

Excellent sound quality

The high-quality microphone and loudspeakers allow natural conversations. All while delivering crystal clear speech. The system will detect and transmit the voices of up to 24 participants so there will be little confusion when conferencing!


Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless Series

Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless Tray

Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless Tray

  • 4 Satellites
  • Tray version



Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless Tray – M

  • 2 Satellites
  • Tray version




Sennheiser TeamConnect Case

  • 4 Satellites
  • Case version






Series Features

  • Portable system
  • Connection of multiple channels
  • Add partners with ease
  • Connection via Bluetooth, NFC, cable, connector or USB.
  • High sound quality


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