This sleek digital voice recorder boasts of new and improved technology, creating one of Olympus’ most advanced dictaphones. But take a look at our review to see what us at Onedirect think of the Olympus VP-10…

Outstanding Audio Quality

The microphones on the VP-10 are omni-directional so they can pick up all sound sources from all directions. The Voice Balancer ensures that all sounds are recorded at the same volume. This is great for recording meetings or conferences in which sounds are coming from many different positions.

There is also new noise cancelling technology to deliver a crisp, high quality recording, free of any irritating and unwanted background noise.

Olympus VP-10 Review

On-the-go Use

The Olympus VP-10 allows you to use it wherever and whenever. Its small and compact design means that it is lightweight enough to easily fit in to your pocket so you can bring it with you wherever you go!

You can easily start recording in any situation, even when you are on the go. It has a useful one-touch recording function which even works when the device is turned off. So you never miss a thing even when you are caught off guard.

You can even record from your pocket without compromising audio quality due to the excellent anti-rustle feature.

After the recording: transcription, charging, uploading files and data search have never been easier!

The built-in USB allows you to easily exchange data from the device to any others with a USB port, and means you can charge the device without even removing the battery!

If you have a lot of recordings but want to find just that one that you need, the Data Search function plays the first few seconds of each recording so you can easily locate the one you want. This saves you the time-consuming task of trawling through similar-looking file names.

Transcription can be a long task, but the VP-10 automatically plays back the previous 3 seconds after pausing, to recap anything you might have missed, for information that it is important to get right.

Olympus VP-10 Review

Adaptable to different situations

The Olympus VP-10 has several different modes, meaning that this one device can be useful for a variety of situations. These include: “Pocket”, “Dictation”, “Meeting” and “Conference” modes. Therefore, it is a hard-working and versatile device that means you only need to buy one model for various uses, proving it to be very cost-effective.




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The Olympus VP-10 is a superb voice recording device due to its outstanding quality and advanced features all packed into a small and lightweight device. It is useful for a variety of situations and extremely easy to use – for first-time or advanced users. You can tailor it to suit your needs, making it a valuable and beneficial product.


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