Which headset should I purchase in 2018?

Today we are growing accustomed to the increasing quantities of headsets available on the market. More and more we can see their expansion across many industries and sectors such as aviation, call centres and many more. As such, choosing the suitable headset for yourself may seem like a tricky challenge. Onedirect are here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the best headsets of 2018 which will provide the best possible information to make your choice of headset an easy one. Take a look!


  1. Plantronics CS540

Plantronics CS540First on our list we have the Plantronics CS540, providing the individual with a staggering range of features. The CS540 allows for efficient and seemless communication in your workplace. With its range of 100 metres and available compatibility with EHS cables this headset initiates the user into a work environment which is more communication-friendly and sees work efficiency increased. For users working in a particularly busy office environment this headset comes with a noise-cancelling microphone, ensuring that all your calls are undisturbed and run smoothy as they should.


Why you’ll love it 

  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Range of up to 100 metres
  • Comes with both DECT and CAT-iq
  • Lightweight (21g)



2. Jabra PRO 920 


This sleek and cordless headset occupies the second position on our list of the best headsets of 2018. Dominating the impressive qualities of this headset is the Jabra Safetone function, which allows the user’s ears to be protected against invasive sound which it cuts off. Additionally, it comes with a noise-cancelling microphone which eliminates that pesky background noise. We think users will also enjoy it’s environmentally-friendly sleep mode function allowing the device to de-activate when not being used which conserves energy.

Why you’ll love it 

  • Jabra Pro Safetone function
  • Sleep-mode availability
  • Conference mode for 4 Jabra pro devices
  • Battery status indicator




3. Jabra Motion Office Headset 


Jabra Motion Office Cordless Headset

At position number three on our list we have the Jabra Motion Office WL headset. This device comes with a touch-screen found on the headsets’ base. The Jabra Motion Office also provides the user with an adjustable ear-arc, as well as three gel tips allow for the best fit possible. Compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS makes it a great asset for many users. Finally, we believe that users will appreciate the impressive talk time of 8 hours which is more than enough for a busy work schedule.

Why you’ll love it 

  • 8 hours work time
  • Up to 360 hours of stand-by time
  • Mute option
  • Touch-screen availability



4. Plantronics Voyager Legend

Plantronics Voyager Legend

At number four, the award winning ‘Plantronics Voyager Legend’ is a headset with an integrated voice command technology. It comes with excellent call quality which allows it to be clear at all times and is comfortable enough to be worn through0ut the day. Additionally, this headset is optimised for Smart Sensor technology, which reacts upon being utilised allowing it to announce the caller. Interestingly, this headset will give the user the ability to access their email and text messages via its Plantronics Vocalyst service.

Why you’ll love it 

  • Plantronics Vocalyst service
  • Voice command technology
  • Smart Sensor technology
  • Excellent call quality



5. Plantronics Savi W440


Plantronics Savi W440

Its sleek design case may be one of the first qualities you notice about the Plantronics Savi W440 but this is only scratching the surface! We have to say that this headset may just be the ideal choice for travelling professionals seeking easy and unlimited access as the device even comes with a plug and play feature. Coupled with easy access, the W440 grants the user a DECT USB adapter (foldable) which provides incredible sound quality and allows for a range of 115 metres. This headset will also allow the user to engage in 4-way conference calls via its Quick Pairing function. All with a talk time of 8 hours!

Why you’ll love it 

  • SoundGuard® protection (over 180dB)
  • Talk Time: 8 hours
  • 4-way conference call
  • Charge time: 3 hours



6. Jabra Engage 75 Convertible


Jabra Engage 75 Convertible

This wireless heasset, with DECT technology is designed for professional use. With a range of 100 metres it can allow three times as many users in the same area without affecting the connection level. We think that users will be especially impressed by the quality of the calls they make, as the headset itself delivers a crystal-clear connection – maximising your potential. On the subject of increasing your potential, the Jabra Engage 75 Convertible is also optimised to function for 9 hours of talk time and can connect to 5 devices at the same time! Finally, Jabra have provided the user with 3 separate ways of wearing the device; with an earhook, neck band and head band.

Why you’ll love it 

  • 9 hours of talk time
  • Connectivity for up to 5 devices
  • DECT Wireless technology
  • Up to 100 metres



7. Jabra Engage 65 Stereo


Jabra Engage 65 Stereo

The new class of professioanl DECT wireless headphones designed to help you to improve your performance, the Jabra Engage 65 stereo is a must for any business! With the ability to operate within a range of 150 metres, the Engage 65 will keep you  connected throughout your busy day. Incredibly, the device will also allow for a talk time of 13 hours, which will be more than enough for you whilst you’re working. Don’t be dismayed for charging time either, as this headset comes with a fast charge feature which allows for 40% charge in just half an hour and full charge by 90 minutes.

Why you’ll love it 

  • Up to 13 hours of talk time
  • Fast charge feature
  • Up to 150 metres range
  • Connects to up to 2 devices



8. Yealink YHS33

Yealink YHS33

At position number 8 we have the Yealink YHS33, this headset will be particularly useful for those working in call centres or offices. It is compatible with the entirety of Yealink’s IP telephone series. With its super-light weight design coupled with the comfort of it’s leatherette padded ear cushions users are sure to appreciate it’s fantastic qualities. Overall it can be said that the YHS33 is a headset that beneficials everyone, ensurring comfort, durability and above all efficiecy.

Why you’ll love it 

  • Wideband technology
  • Plug and play feature
  • Ultra light-weight
  • Ergonomic design for comfort



9) XVi BlueParrott B250-XTS

XVi BlueParrott B250-XTS

With its interesting design and signature blue colour, a list of the best headsets of 2018 would not be complete without the XVi BlueParrott B250-XTS. With Bluetooth connectivity you will be able to traverse your office space and still be able to take calls. The headset will also allow connection to music players as well as GPS and other such Bluetooth devices. Your calls will be crystal clear at all times thanks to its wideband audio. If you’re interested in the abilities of noise-cancellation you will find that by using the Xtreme Noise Suppression system that potentially damaging noise is taken care of. This headset is also lightweight as well as being durable. All in all we believe that it should be a great investment for you!

Why you’ll love it 

  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Speaker, volume adjustments
  • Flexible microphone boom
  • Light-weight, durable structure



10) Sennheiser DW Pro 1 Phone

Sennheiser DW Pro 1 Phone

At first glance it’s easy to understand what makes the Sennheiser DW Pro 1 Phone Cordless headset so popular. Immediately its sleek and sophisticated design become apparent. However, this then becomes an easier considering that the device has an enviable range of 180 metres. This has a standby time of 100 hours, which is impressive in comparison to many other devices. Furthermore, the fast charge feature will spare you the trouble of waiting for charge and potentially missing the opportunity for calls. As always Onedirect has you covered!

Why you’ll love it 

  • Range of up to 180 metres
  • DECT technology
  • Standby time 100 hours
  • Mute function






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