Bluetooth headset benefits

If you’ve ever considered what some of the Bluetooth headset benefitrs might be then you’ve come to the right place. Bluetooth technology is on the rise and is here to stay. Here are some of the reasons why.

Hands-free boosts productivityHands-free boosts productivity

This feature is becoming almost essential in the workplace. Studies have shown that having your hands free at work increases your productivity by up to 43%. It is well known that more productivity equals less stress! Bluetooth headsets allow the user to operate hands-free which means you can still:

  • Use your computer or make notes while talking to a client
  • Grab a coffee
  • Stand up and stretch

Wireless headsets for a clutter-free desk

Wireless headsets for a clutter-free desk

Bluetooth headsets are completely wire-free.

  • You can be mobile and move about which is really useful for people who need to leave their desk at least semi-regularly
  • Automatic connection – can be detected up to 30m away
  • Despite being wireless, Bluetooth headsets have low energy consumption which means less time charging batteries
  • Bluetooth is compatible with any device


Bluetooth headsets offer superior audio quality

Superior audio quality

Bluetooth audio can be considered superior in several ways.

  • Wearing a headset means the microphone stays in the same position as you move your head and speak – this boosts professionalism because it’s much better for the recipient of your call
  • Better quality of sound for you – good for busy offices
  • Many bluetooth models are also noise-cancelling which improves sound quality further and leads to fewer distractions for you


Headsets - a benefit to your wellbeingA benefit to your wellbeing

Bluetooth headsets are not just good for convenience, they can genuinely benefit your physical health.

  • Holding a phone between your head and shoulder consistently leads to poor posture and potential neck/ back discomfort
  • Repetitive strain injury – the better your posture is the less pain you will develop
  • Experts recommend that you use a headset for your physical health if you must spend long hours of your job on the phone
  • Headset users experienced 35% less muscle tension than handset users

Bluetooth headsets are not a radiation danger – wireless headset frequency is so low that it has been proven to be safe.

Bluetooth Headset Recommendations

sennheiser bluetooth headsetSennheiser MB Pro 2

  • Professional 2-ear Bluetooth headset with comfortable headband
  • Ultra-noise cancelling technology & noise dependent volume control
  • Pairs with up to 2 mobiles simultaneously
  • 15 hours talk time
  • ActiveGard acoustic protection


plantronics legend bluetooth headsetPlantronics Voyager Legend

  • 3 noise-cancelling microphones with Windsmart technology for crystal clear conversations
  • Intuitive headset that knows when you are wearing it – no need to press any buttons
  • Announces caller ID
  • Wirelessly pairs 2 devices
  • Headset battery indicator on your iPhone/ Android


Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo PC HeadsetJabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo PC Headset

  • Noise-cancelling technologies, wideband audio and DSP for conversation clarity
  • E-STD microphone sensitivity
  • Range: upto 30m
  • Quick pairing
  • In-call indicator lights



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