What is it and what can I use it for?

A headset amplifier (or headset amp) is one way of connecting a headset to a telephone. Telephones that are not “handset ready” – aka don’t have a dedicated headset jack – require a phone headset amplifier. They are also used simply to boost the volume of your headset if your original devices aren’t powerful enough. For example, if the connection and power through a 3.5mm audio jack is not enough to fully drive the speakers, you’ll find them quiet.

If you work in a busy office or are hard of hearing it can be difficult to hear the person on the other end of the line. Headset amps work together with your headset to increase the clarity of your phone calls, regardless of your surroundings.

Amplifier or quick connect cable?

Telephones that are not “handset ready” can connect to handsets via headset amplifiers or quick connect cables. The quick connect adapter cables are mainly used for cordless telephones with a 2.5mm jack. The disadvantage of an adapter cable, however, is that you rely on your telephone’s volume power. Therefore, this can potentially result in low mic volume because the connections are weak. Consequently, the big advantage of a headset amp is that it doesn’t just rely on the phone: it usually comes with batteries and has an independent adjustable volume control for the earphones as well as the microphone.

What are the benefits?

Headset amps are beneficial if you are disappointed with the audio quality of your device. Some devices simply don’t provide the power required to drive high-end equipment. Thus, if you want to avoid spending a lot of money on a new headset, purchasing an amp instead can solve the problem of low audio quality. Clearer exchanges can increase your productivity given that better sound quality can transform your conversations.

Our recommendations

headset amplifierPlantronics M22 Vista Amplifier

This amplifier is compatible with almost all telephones and has volume controls for the microphone and earpiece, as well as a mute function. Also, this device comes with a 3m coil cord, giving you more freedom of movement.

  • Switch easily between handset and headset
  • Wideband audio with reduced echo
  • Acoustic protection against sudden loud noises
  • Volume control for microphone and headset
  • 2x AA batteries

headset amplifier jabraJabra Link 850 Amplifier

The Jabra Link 85o features DSP technology which provides crystal clear sound quality and echo reduction. It is widely compatible as well as featuring superior sound and acoustic protection.

  • For telephones and PCs
  • Compatible with Skype, Skype for Business etc.
  • USB or mains charging
  • Tone control equaliser
  • Noise-cancelling technology

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