Jabra Pro 920 – the best cordless headset for your business!

Let us introduce the Jabra Pro 920, a cordless headset which combines desirable aesthetics with outstanding functionality, rendering it the perfect addition to any business. The product has been designed to put the customer first and to perform well throughout the day. Jabra continues to sway users with it´s sleek designs and eye-catching qualities; take the opportinity to see the benefits of this headset in the Jabra Pro 920 review below!

Top Qualities

 Active noise cancellation

For those working in wide-spaced and often noisy office environnents it can often be tricky to maintain focus much less respond to calls. More than half of those asked whether they found themselves distratced at work due to loud noise answered yes. Jabra understand the need for products which eliminate distractions at work and keep focus on the task at hand rather than noise in your office.  With the Jabra Pro 920 the brand have unleashed the Jabra Safetone which cuts off any loud noises and will maintain a healthy and safe volume level at all times.

Energy conscious 


Although the Jabra Pro 920 is a professional headset with all the key functions expected to perform successfully in a business, it has not ignored opportunities of preserving energy. The device is equipped with an intelligent sleep mode which is activated when the device is not in use. This allows you to be able to save energy and maintain your battery life, allowing for more time of use.



As a headset, the Jabra Pro 920 is compatible with all major analogue and digital desk phones. As such, this headset presents itself as a golden opportunity for small to medium-sized businesses to move to wireless; meaning more efficient and productive work for your office.


This headset definitely combines the best features in as possible, but what truly makes it stand out is it´s extraordinary weight at only 27g!


Why you´ll love it 

  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Jabra Safetone® technology
  • Talk time of 8 hours
  • Charges in 3 hours


All things considered, the Jabra Pro 920 gives the user an unforgettable experience and will improve any office environment for the better. We can say that this headset has crystal clear sound which removes background noise and any echoes which are produced. With a lightweight design it is comfortable to wear and simultaneously will not present itself as a problem: It will remove any sounds which might have the potential to be harmful. Similiarly, tones and any noise which might be dangerous are blocked out, keeping the sound range at a safe level before reaching the user´s ears.



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