The Plantronics Voyager Legend has been on the market for a little while now, and is one of Onedirect’s best sellers in the headsets category. For that reason, we thought it was high time that we shared our thoughts on this product, so that you can understand its key benefits and drawbacks before you buy. The Legend is the follow up to the Voyager Pro Plus, improving on the already popular design. The Legend gives you better call quality, a smaller size, a longer battery life and a more comfortable fit. Compared with a lot of other Bluetooth headsets on the market, its not small, but it is packed with useful features which we think you’ll love. Have a look at what we think about the Plantronics Voyager Legend here:

Pairing and voice controls

First, how do we rate pairing on the Plantronics Voyager Legend. When you switch on the headset for the first time, it automatically goes into pairing mode. After the first time, you can either hold down the call button, or say “Pair Mode” into the headset microphone. Compared to a lot of Bluetooth headsets that are currently on the market, this is very quick and simple. You don’t have to waste time fiddling about with pairing, so you can get straight down to those important calls.

The headset also comes with voice prompt, which makes taking and ignoring calls easier. If you aren’t sure what call prompts are available, you can ask the headset “what can I say?” to be given a list of the options. This is a useful feature, especially when you are first getting to grips with the headset. It also announces caller IDs, and you can request battery status and connection updates, to make sure that you don’t run out on the move.

SensorsPlantronics Voyager Legend

The Voyager Legend boasts built in sensors which can detect whether or not you’re wearing the headset. If you put on the headset, it will answer any incoming calls, or transfer others that are waiting on your phone. Once you take off the headset, the calls will be transferred back to your phone, or audio will be paused. When not in use, the headset locks the call button so that you don’t accidentally answer or make any calls from your pocket.

Sound quality

Plantronics are well known for creating products with brilliant sound and voice quality. This headset is no exception. The microphone is well designed, sitting closer to the mouth than most other similar headsets. Speech is clear and full, so you will be easily heard at the other end of the call. Noise-cancellation works to reduce background noise and preserve the sound of your voice. It also has wind resistance to try and stop your voice being lost in the blustery weather.


Design, in terms of looks and functionality is important in the competitive headset market today. The Plantronics Voyager Legend is made entirely out of light weight plastic, with rubber cushioning around the ear loop to ensure a secure fit. It is smaller than previous models, and its looks are designed with the professional in mind; sleek black, grey and silver. It is, however, a larger headset than some of its rivals.

Plantronics redesigned the control buttons to make them more easily accessible, but also to improve the overall look of the headset. The volume and power switch have been more carefully integrated, and the small mute, play/ pause button is now on the bottom edge, out of sight.

Another feature that we like is the magnetic charging connector. Instead of having to fiddle with Micro USB cables to charge your headset, simply move the headset closer to the charger and it will snap into place. You only need to wait about 90 minutes for the headset to reach full charge.

ComfortPlatronics Voyager Legend

Plantronics headsets are made to be comfortable to wear all day long. This particular headset isn’t very subtle due to its size and facial microphone boom, but if you are looking for something which fits well and is comfortable, its fantastic. When you purchase this headset, it comes with three different size ear tips, which allows you to choose whichever one fits your ear best. You also get foam pads which you can place over the ear tips for increased comfort. You can also wear the headset on whichever side you find most comfortable, thanks to the rotatable microphone boom arm.

Range and battery life

Bluetooth range can be a deal breaker with some headsets, but the Plantronics Voyager Legend performs well in this area.  You can normally walk up to around 15 feet from your device before you notice any static creeping in. The Voyager Legend claims to offer up to 7 hours talk time on a single charge, which suits this type of Bluetooth headset.

Other features

This headset is equipped for multipoint pairing, so that you can pair with two devices at the same time and alternate between each one. This is especially useful if you have multiple phones, like an office phone and personal phone, that you need to answer calls from throughout the day. A2DP is supported and allows you to stream audio books, podcasts, music and GPS instructions through the headset. The Voyager Legend also works with the app Vocalyst. You can to listen to news feeds, organize emails and even send status updates to Facebook and Twitter.

Overall opinion

There is a reason why the Plantronics Voyager Legend is one of Onedirect’s top sellers. Despite it’s slightly bigger size, the design and functionalities make up for it. If you are looking for something subtle and unnoticeable, this isn’t the headset for you. However, if you are looking for something comfortable, functional and with useful features, this headset is a great choice.


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