Jabra Noise Guide Review

The open plan office is becoming ever more popular in the business environment; it facilitates easier collaboration among colleagues, while fostering a greater sense of belonging to a team. Despite this, open plan offices do also have their drawbacks – the factors which make them beneficial can also be negatives in certain instances.

The clearest example of these drawbacks is the noise level, which increases significantly in an open plan environment. Up to 35% of workers say that they are unable to fully concentrate due to background noise in the office.

So how do we control noise in the office?

Jabra Noise Guide 4Enter the Jabra Noise Guide – the latest innovative device from the market-leaders communication. In its simplest form, it is a ‘traffic light’ for office noise; at its most complex, it allows you to monitor office noise levels and compare them with productivity, to maximise both output and staff morale. Take a look at some of its key features:

Maintain a peaceful work environment

Monitor the overall volume levels of the room with the Noise Guide. The LED display notifies you when the volume has exceeded the designated level of acceptable noise. A good working atmosphere is represented by a green light; as the level increases, the light changes to amber and eventually red to indicate an excessive level of noise.

Jabra Noise GuideIncreased productivity

Measure underlying noise trends using the data supplied by the Noise Guide to your computer. Discover the optimum noise level for productive work and adjust the settings on the device accordingly. In addition, you can customise the sensitivity levels for different rooms – not all employees react the same way to certain noise levels!

Easy data analysis

The Jabra Noise Guide lets you measure the noise over a period of three months. You can download the data to your computer via USB for analysis.


Without doubt, the Jabra Noise Guide is an extremely useful piece of technology for any business office space, particularly for offices that are starting to grow.

Whether you want to find the optimum noise level at which tasks are performed, or simply maintain order in the work place – this is the tool for you.

Presenting the Jabra Noise Guide: