The security of your home or business is something that should be given maximum attention. Fortunately, in the market, we can find a wide variety of cameras providing you with enough confidence to be installed at home and do their job.

Despite this great variety, we must be clear that the specifications of each one are different. The right choice should be made according to your needs. However, the Ezviz brand gives us a diversity of security cameras with the highest technology to keep us aware of all the events inside the place where it is installed.

Meet the Ezviz EZ360 Pano

Having said this and taking a look into the wide amount of products that Hikvision offers, we have come to the conclusion that thanks to its 360-degree panorama view, the EZVIZ ez360 Pano is the leader of its category. This is due to its efficiency in delivering excellent video quality eith a variety of views, a simple and fast installation on the place where you want to have it. If the desire is to cover a complete space without blowing your budget, the ez360 does the same job. With high quality and a price that fits your pocket.

Ergonomic design adaptable to your space

Its compact and versatile design is the size of a billiard ball but weighing only 8 ounces. Four infrared LEDs are distributed evenly around the edge of the lens. Also a microphone located in front of the camera. On the sides, you can find the micro SD card slot and on the other the audio speaker.

Everything in just one app

EZVIZ has developed an easy-to-install app on your Smartphone. Through it, you can configure and manage the views of the device, control the settings, talk through the device and change the views of the camera. The last is thanks to its panoramic lens feature which tilts 90 degrees. What is even more amazing about this camera is the motion tracking feature. The feature detects any movement, pushing alerts to your phone app. The app gives you the ability to access to your life views. Or even watch the recorded video of that particular moment.

Keep your privacy safe 

Since the camera is connected to your Wi-fi, it is fair to worry about your privacy. The ez360 Pano has an incredible characteristic called Privacy Mask.  This consist on covering the lens with a rotating veil when the camera is not in use, so she is unable to “see”.

We can only come to the conclusion that the ez360 is the perfect solution for your surveillance. Not only you will have access to your videos immediately through the app, but you will have it at a lower cost than other products with the same video quality.

Take a look at all the Ezviz cameras and pick the right one according to your needs.

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