Home surveillance might be something you have considered but never implemented, or thought was never necessary. It has many benefits for all types of homeowners, especially for families with children and/ or pets.

Protect your valuablessurveillance

Do you live in a neighbourhood with a high crime rate? Or do you just want to be assured that you could produce video evidence in court? Installing surveillance cameras to protect your valuables will help you sleep soundly at night.

Ward off potential intruders

Decoy cameras are cheaper than actual surveillance cameras and can be extremely useful in deterring criminals from potentially choosing your property. Most people can’t tell the difference between a real and a fake camera. Criminals will be a lot less likely to rob you if they think they’ll be caught. Though they can’t provide any footage, it is a cheap way of feeling a little more protected.

Remote access to your homesurveillance

If you’re going on holiday, it is an automatic worry that something might happen while you are away. The neighbours might be keeping an eye on things for you, but wouldn’t it be better if you could see what’s going on in and around your house yourself on your smartphone or tablet? Lots of surveillance systems can link with your devices so that you can easily see if there is anything out of place happening while you aren’t at home.

Keep an eye on your children or pets

Installing nanny cameras enables you to keep an eye on your child or other people with your children while you are in bed or away from home. Their safety is a big worry to many parents and being able to check that all is well can give you extra peace of mind. The same applies to pet owners if you have to regularly leave your pets at home.

Being generally more aware

Surveillance cameras are useful if you just want to know who is knocking at your door or buzzing at your gate. The extra sense of safety can make a big difference. Special kits can also notify you of fire or gas issues.

Lower homeowner insurance

According to gocompare, “better security can help bring down the cost of your home insurance premium, and many insurance providers will give discounts depending on what security measures you have installed”. So despite having to pay for the upkeep of your security system, the benefits of cheaper insurance far outweigh that cost.


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