There are many uses for two-way radios for schools and colleges. Onedirect explains, along with recommendations for the best radios to use on campus.

Why two-way radios for schools?

They provide an instant and reliable means of communication. Whether this is for during the day or for after-school activities like sports days and field trips, they are better than mobile phones for staying alert and aware.

Two-way radios make it possible to overcome the daily challenges of rising costs and tight budgets, and keep things running smoothly at your school.

For example, a part of daily life at a school means directing school traffic. Two-way radios can help you keep everyone moving in the right direction to make sure everybody is safe. It can also significantly speed up the process, reducing stress for all staff involved.

Improve safety, security, incident prevention.

Why for colleges/university campuses?

On university campuses, reliable communication for security teams and staff members is of vital importance. It not only helps make campuses safer for everyone but every university owes its students, staff and visitors a duty of care while they are on campus.

As campuses tend to be quite large and usually have a range of buildings, it is more reliable to depend on two-way radios rather than mobile phones. For the security team, they are pretty much a staple piece of equipment.

Our recommendations

Here are our top two-way radios suited for working on school sites or college campuses. For help deciding whether licensed or unlicensed radios are best for you, see our article.

License-free two-way radios for schools

motorola two-way radio for schools

Motorola TLKR T60

The ideal way to stay connected outdoors given that it has a range of up to 8km.

  • 8 channels, 38 sub-channels, 121 codes
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous users



Motorola two-way radio for schoolsMotorola TLKR T80 Extreme

A robust and weatherproof licence-free radio which is ideal for simple communications, especially outdoors.

  • 8 channels and 121 codes as well as a built-in torch
  • IPX4 rated: reinforced casing, weather proof


Licensed two-way radios for schools

Mitex two-way radios for schoolsMitex General UHF Two-Way Radio

Long-range, pre-programmed professional two-way radio which offers 10x the range of license-free PMR446 radios. (What does PMR446 mean?)

  • VOX hands-free with low battery alert as well as battery save
  • Scan function and time out timer


Mitex two-way radios for schoolsMitex General Xtreme

A powerful, heavy-duty radio that is also resistant to dust, water and vibrations; perfect for outdoor use.

  • Compact, heavy-duty and IP66 rated
  • Compatible with existing General, Pro and DMR models and have a wide range of accessories available

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