Setting up your home office for the first time can be a little overwhelming, and it is not easy to create a space that is both functional and comfortable. Nevertheless, with the right home office equipment, working from home can be highly beneficial, so we have put together some ideas for setting up your home office.


Perfect tools for your home officeOne of the major issues related to working from home is the effect it has on internal communication. Multiple studies have shown that it has negative effects on this area. Therefore, if you are going to be working from home, you will need to consider how your office tools will maintain optimum communications with clients, suppliers and colleagues.

A great way to improve remote communication is to use conferencing equipment, specifically videoconferencing which allows for face-to-face interaction. There are a lot of great videoconferencing services out there that offer full-support for little or no monthly cost. Combine the service with a high-quality webcam and speakerphone and you will be able to enjoy professional meetings from the comfort of your home. What is more, conferencing equipment can save you time and money on travel, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.


Those setting up their home office do not usually have the corporate budget and are always looking for ways to save, thus office equipment needs to offer good value for money. Choosing an IP phone for your home office is one way to reduce your outgoings. Relying solely on a mobile phone to make calls is not recommended. It can be costly and signal strength can often suffer. Similarly, traditional landline bills are usually higher than internet based telephony, which does not charge incrementally. IP phones offer the best of both worlds and often have dozens of enhanced features to make your daily phone calls easy and convenient.

Productivityperfect tools for your home office

One of the main reasons people are choosing to work from home is to improve their productivity. One study found that it can increase productivity by 29%. Headsets are essential home office equipment. They can increase your productivity by reducing time taken to key in information and leaving your hands free. They can also prevent fatigue caused by holding a phone all day. Bluetooth headsets offer the added benefit of on-the-go use, allowing you to make hands-free calls wherever you are.

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