Setting up your new home office can be stressful for some; we always tend to forget important pieces of equipment which are vital for the running of a business. Therefore we have created a checklist which will help you set up your office quickly and get you working productively earlier.

1. Desktop phone

Clear communication between you and others is crucial for a successful business. You may want to consider having a separate line for work purposes just in case your kids pick up an important business call. Online and VOIP services such as Skype for business is also a useful tool to have in your home office.

Our standard desk phones start from just £9.99, However if your looking for IP desk phones our prices start from £33.99.

Our recommendations:

Yealink SIP-T21P IP Desktop PhoneYealink SIP-T23G IP Desktop Phone 1 Polycom VVX 410

Yealink SIP-T21P

Yealink SIP-T23G

Polycom VVX 410

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2. Speakerphone

Sometimes the computers or laptops speakers are not clear enough for clear communication, to avoid this you should invest in a speakerphone ensuring that your conversations are crystal clear.

If your built-in speakers aint up to the job our speakerphones will be perfect for your home office, our prices start from £64.99.

Our recommendations:

Jabra SPEAK 510 MS Plantronics Calisto 620 Bluetooth / USB Konftel Ego Bluetooth

Jabra Speak 510

Plantronics Calisto 620

Konftel Ego

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3. Headset

Although your laptop or computer may have a built in speaker and mic the quality may not be up to adequate standards as you will have a lot of interference.  By using a noise cancelling headset you will be able to block out background noises (Comes in handy if you have young children). Furthermore you will also find it easier to concentrate on your work as you’re less likely to be disturbed by others. If your work involves being on the phone the whole day you may want to consider buying a Bluetooth headset, this will give you the freedom to move about around your home office while on the phone.

Our simple headsets start from just £9.99, however if you would want a wireless noise cancelling headset they would range from around £47.99

Our recommendations:

Plantronics CS540 Jabra PRO 920 MonoJabra Evolve 65 UC Mono Cordless PC Headset

Plantronics CS540

Jabra PRO 920 Mono

Jabra Evolve 65 UC


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4. Office home Security

Security is also important in your home office, you will have a lot of expensive equipment and sensitive information lying around your office and it will be awful to see it all stolen. Even a cheap decoy camera will do the trick!

Our Decoy CCTV´s start from £15.99!

Our recommendations:

Decoy Interior Dome CameraDecoy Exterior Camera with LEDDecoy Tube Camera with LED

Decoy Interior Dome Camera

Decoy Exterior Camera with LED

Decoy Tube Camera with LED


5. Webcam

Built in laptop/computer cameras are okay for video calling friends however if you’re having an important business video call it probably won’t look professional. To give out a good impression and professional image purchase a webcam.

If your in need of a new webcam, our products will look stunning in your home office, our prices start from £19.99!

Our recommendations:

Logitech B525 WebcamLogitech C930e WebcamMicrosoft Lifecam HD-3000 Widescreen Webcam

Logitech B525 Webcam

Logitech C930e Webcam

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 Widescreen Webcam

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6. Computer/Laptop

This is probably the most important equipment you will need in an office; it is advisable to get a computer or laptop with a fast processor so that you won’t have any delays while working, It may also be important to buy yourself a backup drive so that you won’t lose any important data.

7. High speed internet

A good internet connection is always needed in an office, this will ensure you that you will have no lags during online calls and you will be able to find data over the internet swiftly.

8. Desk/Chair

Make sure to get yourself a spacious desk so that you have enough space for your work and equipment, you will also need a comfortable chair to sit in unless you want to develop back aches.

9. Other Desirable Equipment

A paper shredder is also important if you are handling sensitive customer information.  Scanners and printers will also be a useful equipment to have.

Lastly get yourself a coffee machine, this will save you from heading down to the nearest café!