How to purchase the best cordless phones

Nowadays we are always looking for the most efficient and cost effective products available on the market. Whether that be short-range or long range phones we are always searching for the most appropriate this should be no different when it comes to purchasing a cordless phone. Cordless phones are the perfect opportunity to not only modernise your working environment but to also improve your overall business and increase connectivity. In a world where successful businesses depend on easy connectivity and technological innovation the need for a cordless phone could not be greater. Here in this guide we´ll be looking at the best cordless phones.


1) Engenius EP800


Engenius EP800 Long Range Cordless Phone

If a phone specialised to operate best in environments suited for education, the aviation sector and warehouse management is what you´re seeking to purchase for your business look no further than the Engenius EP800 With a range of 2km, this phone is highly optimised for usage in widely spaced environments such as those mentioned above.

If you´re looking for flexibility, the Engenius EP800 Long Range cordless phone can be expanded to 4 base and 36 headsets. This option is also available for the EP800s, EP801  and the EP802 series. It is also CE compliant.

Signal strength is also a factor to take into consideration when choosing this product as it has a signal strong enough to penetrate wooden floors, concrete or drywall allowing for the ultimate connection.

For those looking at purchasing a phone with the ability to operate both as a conventional phone and a two-way radio, they should look no further than the Engenius EP800 Long Range Cordless Phone. With the ability to act as both a phone and a two way radio. Together with a multi-language display, a 10 call redial ability and 50 phonebook entries and a channel scan this phone is designed to provide the best choices for you.

Running across an 863-865 frequency band and a multi-channel and suitable for use outdoors the Engenius EP800 Long Range Cordless Phone might just be your best bet.



  • Single line cordless phone with range of up to 2km
  • Expandable up to 4 base stations and 36 handsets
  • Full-duplex intercom system and half-duplex broadcast

2) BT Elements 1K

BT Elements 1K Robust Cordless Phone

Resistant to both water and dust particles the BT Elements 1K Long Range Cordless Phone is designed for wearability in environments known to be harsh. This makes it an excellent choice for those working in environments known to be exposed to the elements or equipment.

With DECT technology at it´s disposal this phone will be perfect for buyers seeking for a device which is both advanced and endurable. With a range of 1000 metres this phone ensures easy connectivity at all times. Furthermore there is a belt clip attached, meaning if you are planning on using this phone outdoors your comfort has been taken into consideration!

It´s also GAP compatible meaning that you´ll get the option to add more than one headset without the need for an extra socket on hand. Furthermore the device can support an additional 5 handsets meaning that with the BT Elements 1K Long Range Cordless Phone you´ll get the choice you´ll looking for.

With a recording time of up to 30 minutes, a caller ID feature, a directory for 200 entries and an LCD display (which is backlit) the BT Elements 1k Long Range Cordless Phone offers you a multitude of choices.



  • Rugged cordless DECT phone
  • Maximum range up to 1000m (in line of sight)
  • Integrated answering machine
  • 200 name and number directory
  • With Caller ID and GAP


3) Engenius EP801 Extreme


Engenius EP801 Extreme Long Range Cordless Phone

If you´re considering a phone with the ability to operate as a two-way radio look to the Engenius EP801 Extreme! This long range cordless phone has the capability to be expanded to 4 bases and to 36 handsets, should you decide to choose this. This comes with compatibility to the EP800s, EP801 and the EP802.

With full-duplex sound quality across the intercom system and a broadcast of half-duplex this product is guaranteed to suit all your needs!

With it´s powerful signal strength – capable of traversing physical objects such as wood, concrete and drywall. It comes with two-way functionality also. If you´re looking for reliability and effectiveness the Engenius EP801 Extreme Long Range Cordless System will be your go-to choice!

Should you be interested in the particular frequency this phone operates along the 863-865MHz frequency band comes with a multi-channel auto scan of FSK and CID signal. As well as being suitable for use outdoors the Engenius Extreme Long Range Cordless System is also CE compliant.

This device will help you in the best of ways possible: It will lead to great and lasting results.



  • Single line cordless phone with range of up to 2km
  • Expandable up to 4 base stations and 36 handsets
  • Full-duplex intercom system and half-duplex broadcast
  • Multi-language display
  • Multi-channel auto-scan


4)  Motorola O201 (Black)

Motorola O201 Cordless DECT Telephone (Black)

Prepared specially for professional environments, this phone models itself on professionalism and high work ability. Furthermore, the Motorola 0201 is complimented by two antennae in both short and long sizes. Motorola states that O2 series covers a range of up to 1km (this may be dependent on the terrain which you use the device on.

Furthermore the Motorola 0201 can register up to 11 terminals to one single base, to which it can then be arranged to suit 4 different bases.

In addition, the phone has a total talk hour time of 12 hours and if left in waiting mode it will continue to operate for up to 250 hours. Also, it offers a directory with up to 200 contacts to store.


  • Cordless DECT telephone
  • IP67 rating
  • Long distance communication
  • 200 contact phonebook
  • Expandable up to 11 extra terminals


5) Engenius EP802 Extreme

Engenius EP802 Extreme Long Range Cordless System


With a range of up to 2km this phone is designed for optimum usage in open spaces which makes it ideal for environments such as university campuses, aviation and warehouses. You will be able to expand it to up to 9 handsets and to 4 bases, allowing you to be in constant contact with your colleagues.

Looking for high power? Look no further! The EP802´s signal has the ability to penetrate through up to 6 floors of wood, concrete or drywall thus making it able to be used in your business over several different floors!

This Engenius model comes with two way radio functions and has a a 38 channel scan autoscan. The speakerphone function will permit you to work freely and simultaneously be able to hear clearly due to the phone’s ability to function along a full duplex intercom. A 2.5mm headset jack will also allow you to connect your headphone hands-free.

Call duration and caller ID are displayed via the LCD colour display as well as 10 number redial and up to 50 contacts. The EP802 comes with 11 languages together such as English, French, German and Spanish. As international as you can get!



  • Range of up to 2 km (can go up to 6 floors of wood, concrete or drywall)
  • Two-way radio functionality
  • Expandable up to 9 handsets
  • 38 digital channel autoscan
  • 50 entry phonebook



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