Let us help you choose the perfect budget VoIP phones for your business!

Having great communications in the office is extremely important for any small or medium business. However, if you don’t have a big budget for telecom equipment, the task of purchasing new VoIP phones can be daunting. To help make this task less of a chore, we have compiled a list of our VoIP phone best budget buys. These phones are on the lower end of the price spectrum, but still provide you with all the features that you could be looking for in a VoIP phone. Our top picks comes from Yealink, Polycom and Snom, who all provide high quality phones to suit all budgets. Have a look at our recommendations below.

Yealink VoIP Phones

Yealink SIP- T19PYealink T19P

The T19P is the entry level VoIP phone made by Yealink, and is a great option to choose when you’re looking for budget VoIP phones. It has a simple design, and is easy to use, yet still has lots of great functions and a high-quality build. It has plenty of programmable keys and call management features which will increase your efficiency day to day.

Why you’ll love it:

  • 1 VoIP account
  • HD 5-line 132 x 64-pixel LCD display
  • 2 10/100 Ethernet port, integrated PoE
  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • RJ9 headset port
  • HD Compatible with leading IP PBX providers



Yealink SIP T-23GYealink T23G

The T23G is a step up from the T19P, and is a feature rich and functional budget VoIP phone. It’s ideal if you’re considering making the transition to IP or for upgrading outdated equipment. Like the T19P, it is user intuitive and has plenty of call management features to make your life easier. You also benefit from an 1000-entry phone book, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting any contact details.

Why you’ll love it:

  • 3 IP accounts
  • 132 x 64 LCD graphical display
  • Dual-coloured LEDs
  • Dual Gigabit ports
  • 4 programmable keys
  • Power over Ethernet




Polycom VoIP Phones

Polycom VVX 301Polycom VVX 301

The VVX 301 has 6 SIP lines as well as HD audio quality. It is basic compared with most of Polycom’s range, but still benefits from an enhanced processor and improved memory. You can also connect it to your computer via the two Ethernet ports, allowing you to integrate Microsoft Exchange to access meeting reminders and corporate directory access.

Why you’ll love it:

  • 208 x 104 px backlit grayscale display
  • Polycom HD voice technology
  • Six lines or speed dials
  • 2 ethernet 10/100 ports
  • Enhanced processor and memory
  • Power over Ethernet (Class 2) IEEE 802.3af
  • 4 soft keys, 12 key dialpad, 8 function keys

Ref: POVVX301


Polycom VVX 311Polycom VVX 311

The VVX 311 is a step up from the 301, and gives you a few improved functions.  It includes HD voice, as well as Full Duplex speakerphone technology, so that you can enjoy crystal clear calls. You can also use the VVX 311 for 3-way conference calls, allowing you to communicate with other employees around the office.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Up to 6 SIP accounts
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • HD Voice
  • RJ9 Headset Port
  • 4-way navigation keys
  • Supports VVX Key Expansion Modules

Ref: POVVX311



Snom VoIP Phones

Snom D710Snom 710

The D710 is a professional and cost-effective choice of VoIP desktop phone. It comes with  5 programmable function keys, 4 SIP identities and crystal clear HD audio. It has a display which can display caller information and content from the ‘mini browser.’ It’s a great choice if you need something with lots of call management functions, as well as great call quality.

Why you’ll love it:

  • 2-Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • HD audio for crystal clear quality
  • 4-line black and white graphical display
  • 5 programmable LED function keys
  • Hands free speakerphone
  • Up to 4 SIP identities, Power over Ethernet
  • Directory: 1000 entries

Ref: SMD710

Snom D715Snom 715

The D715 is the next model up from the D710, and comes will all the same functions, but with an updated system and memory. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something which is tailored to a professional environment, but still isn’t too expensive.

Why you’ll love it:

  • 2-Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • HD audio for crystal clear quality
  • 4-line black and white graphical display
  • 5 programmable LED function keys
  • Hands free speakerphone
  • Up to 4 SIP identities, PoE
  • Directory: 1000 entries
  • Headset connection

Ref: SMD715



So, which of our budget VoIP phones should you choose?

The simple answer is any of them! We have picked out these six budget VoIP phones because we know that they’ll fit perfectly into your professional environment. They have all the functions that you could want, and all have sleek designs to keep your desk looking tidy. However, if you’re still not sure which one will suit your needs best, give us a call on 0333 123 3050, or check out www.onedirect.co.uk for our full range of VoIP phones.