What sort of IP phone do I need?

This largely depends on the job type of the individual. For example, an executive-level employee might want a slightly more feature-heavy, top of the range IP phone, perhaps with a large colour display. On the other hand a salesperson working in a call centre handling heavy call loads every day might be better suited to a simpler, purely functional phone.

What features do I need on my IP phone?

What features you need are generally dependent on what sort of work you will be doing, but popular features include:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Automatic Call Forwarding
  • Conference calling
  • Music on hold
  • Call transfer, call hold, call pickup

How many line appearances do I need on my IP Phone?

Again, this differs depending on use, but generally most office workers would only need a few lines. A phone that is not used often, such as in a canteen or in a warehouse, might only need to have be a single line phone. A receptionist on the other hand might need 12 or even 16 lines to be able to manage and route calls.

 What is Power over Ethernet?

Power over Ethernet is a technology that allows you to power your IP phones over network cables rather than traditional AC power outlets. This reduces the need for multiple cables, allowing for a less cluttered, simpler set up, whilst also providing greater flexibility for organising your office space.

Do I need a corded or a cordless IP phone?

If you are staying at your desk for the majority of your working day, a corded IP phone might be the better choice for you. If you often find yourself needing to move around your work space for mobility or privacy reasons, a cordless DECT IP phone might be a better fit for you.

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