This articles will help you improve your WiFi range and extend your wireless network.

That is a problem that many of us have. Indeed, we often have areas that are not covered by our WiFi.
After researching and testing products developed to solve this problem, we isolated 2 solutions from the market leader in small IT equipment: D-Link.

D-Link N300 repeater

1st solution: the repeater

D-Link N300
The D-Link repeater plugs directly into an electrical outlet to pick up the Wi-Fi signal from your box. Like the DHP-W311AV PLC, it allows you to have a wireless connection throughout your environment with a very simple and efficient installation.






2nd solution: PLC

2nd solution: PLC

D-Link DHP-W311AV
With PLC technology, the DHP-W311AV PLC Starter Kit allows you to expand your WiFi network by simply plugging into a power outlet. The socket outlet becomes a potential network connection. It is therefore possible to connect several devices at the same time in places that are not accessible by internet. This kit can reach a connection speed of up to 500 Mbps and provides you with a broadband connection.


Solutions that are alternatives to the Apple Airport terminal (when used to extend a WiFi network).

Do not hesitate to post your solutions if you have others!

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