If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what the difference between VoIP phones and analogue phones is, then you are not alone. Today we live in a world of advancing technology, where older technology is often outpaced by emerging ones. For this reason many might ask themselves the question of VoIP vs Analogue phones; what’s the difference?

In fact, although technology may allow us to feel more at ease when it comes to choosing which products are best, lack of concise knowledge means we often fall short when it comes to making the final choice. In this article we’ll seek to better understand what separates each better.

VoIP phones vs analogue phones explained

Analogue phones (Plain old telephone service)

To start with, analogue phones constitute the traditional telephone that most people are familiar with.  For example principally they allow for the conversion of voice signals into electronic waves which can vary in their frequency and magnitude. For this particular phone system the CSN or ‘circuit switching network’, involves analogue signals travelling through cables and initiating point to point connection allowing for communication to be established. These phones are equipped with a switch hook together with a ‘ringer’ which stays connected to the telephone line whilst on the hook. In addition, the transmitter device will then send an electronic signal and a telephone exchange will then act as a device which ‘switches’ the signal to ensure that it reaches the correct receiver.  Finally, in order to avoid interference, a complex coil is adjoined.

VoIP phones – (Voice over IP)

On the other hand, the VoIP phone is ultimately an updated version of a traditional headset, followed with expected features for example the call hold button, mute feature display screen and caller ID. Furthermore, a key feature of the VoIP phone is it’s ability to access the internet. Throughout the duration of use it is necessary to have a switching and connecting system.

Some key factor differentiation


When noting the differences between both analog and VoIP  the cost of each must always be an important factor to consider. Analogue phones, though the most traditional, can only allow for connection in areas where there is wiring in place physically. Coupled with this high call rates can make long distance calls particularly costly. On the other hand, VoIP phones are operable wherever internet connection is available. In effect, this allows them to be cheaper for long distance contact. A VoIP phone also comes with advantages such as call forwarding, holding, diverting and so on.


As with it’s other features, an analogue phone is a traditional device and as such it´s range is limited. As these phones are wired they also cannot be made into a portable device. VoIP phones however  remain a portable technology with the support of VoIP compatible technology applications such as Skype.

Scope of business

For businesses operating on a small scale the best choice would be an analog phone, as it would be more likely that you would have fewer long-distance calls. Whereas a VoIP phone system is practically an essential in a multi-national scenario.

We’ve selected a great choice of both VoIP and analogue phones for you to choose from. Take a look! :

VoIP phones recommendations:

1. Polycom VVX 400 VoIP Phone

Polycom VVX 400 VoIP PhoneFirstly we have the expandable VoIP phone which comes with with extraordinary capabilities and is easy to be accessed.  Designed for those wanting a high degree of accessibility users will be able to access a wide range of features including the Microsoft Exchange, be able to update their calendars,  find and receive notifications and retrieve products in the corporate directory. These advantageous points are followed by the ability to obtain full interaction and navigation options via the mouse and others. For those who are looking for straight-forward and concise features the Polycom VVX 400 VoIP offers power over ethernet as well as the advanced Polycom HD sound for the most up to date sound quality. What´s more, this phone comes with multiple languages, meaning that it is perfect for international environments.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Power over ethernet
  • Polycom HD sound availability
  • Microsoft Exchange ability
  • Unicode UTF-8 character support

2. Snom D725 Desktop VoIP Phone

Snom D725 Desktop VoIP PhoneA flexible Gigabit phone coming with 18 function keys which are able to be programmed, this phone is able to be routinely used by multiple users. These 18 function keys come in rows, are freely programmable and are made clearly visible with their differing colours. For users looking for increased usage, this phone comes with up to 12 SIP identities which means that the phone is able to be used by multiple users.  Furthermore this telephone comes with VPN and VLAN capabilities providing VLAN giving your services that extra boost they need!

Why you’ll love it:

  • 12 SIP accounts
  • 3 way conferencing
  • Wallmountable
  • VLAN and VPN supported

3. Polcom VVX 600 VoIP Phone + VVX Camera

Polycom VVX 600 VoIP Phone + VVX CameraWith the seamless integration of the Polycom VVX 600 VoIP Phone into all top UC platforms, video-conferencing accessories are also available! Furthermore, for those who are interested in a phone with increased connectivity this phone also includes Bluetooth connection. Businesses should keep in mind the all-in-one UC solution which can be useful for those working in managerial and executive positions. It has also been designed to cove a wide range of business environments from smaller spaced areas to larger offices making it more flexible than ever.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Streaming media video playback
  • Video conferencing availabilities
  • Webkit based browser
  • Power over Ethernet

4. Snom D710 Desktop VoIP Phone

snom D710 Desktop VoIP PhoneIf you´re looking for a professional product which delivers then look no further than the Snom D710 Desktop VoIP Phone. This device was constructed with the aim of providing the highest-quality audio as possible as it is able to support a wide range of codecs and allow for pristine quality. It also comes with five programmable keys with colour LEDs which makes for enhanced clarity. This phone also comes with a directory which can hold an astounding 1000 contacts!

Why you’ll love it:

  • Caller ID
  • Dual gigabit ports
  • Keyboard lock
  • URL dialling

5. Polycom VVX 310 

Polycom VVX 310 Gigabit The ideal office phone, especially for workers in cubicles. The Polycom VVX 310 comes with speed dial keys, a 4 way navigation cluster and a dial pad complete with 12 hard keys allowing for a more intuitive interface which will further increase your efficiency. This phone will also come with advanced UC which allows for users to communicate amongst themselves in a more effective way. Furthermore the gigabit connection availability will allow for more space that would otherwise be taken up by wires and cables. It definitely saves you a messy workplace!

Why you’ll love it:

  • Unicode UTF-8 character based support
  • Backlit 8-level Grayscale graphical LCD display 208 x 104 pixels
  • Voicemail compatible
  • Polycom HD Voice Technology

 Analogue phones recommendations:

6. Orchid XL220 Analogue Desktop Phone

Image result for Orchid XL220 Analogue Desktop PhoneThe Orchid XL220 Analogue Desktop Phone is a great opportunity to improve the conditions of your office! Entirely line powered, this phone is perfect for conference calls due to the 5 m range and hands-free speakerphone. The phone also comes with a wide arrange of features namely a caller ID, mute, in-call volume control. For added optimability, the phone comes with the ability to contact teh last 10 dialled calls.

Why you’ll love it:

  • 10 last number re-dials
  • Wall mountable
  • Caller ID available
  • Busy tone detect

7. Engenius EP802 Extreme Long Range Wireless Phone 

Engenius EP802 Extreme Long Range Cordless SystemWith a range of up to 2km this analogue phone has much to boast about. With it being able to be expanded to up to 9 headsets and 4 bases, this phone can make office communication a simpler and more manageable process. It comes with a strong signal which can be used to permeate up to 6 floors of wood, drywall and concrete – should your business be located on several floors.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Range of up to 2km
  • Can permeate up to 6 floors
  • 50 contacts in directory
  • Able to be expanded to up to 9 headsets

8. Gigaset  C430HX Cordless Additional Handset 

Gigaset C430HX Cordless Additional HandsetWith this phone up to 6 handsets can be paired with each base station, this allows you ability to answer calls and initiate calls as well as make internal calls within headsets. Furthermore, the Gigaset C$30HX has outstanding sound quality making it advantageous! With it´s built-in answer machine which can record up to 30 minutes worth of messages, this phone can truly make the difference during the day. Brilliantly, this Gigaset phone also includes an energy-conscious ECO-mode which decreases the transmit power  by 80 per cent.

Why you’ll love it:

  • GAP compatible
  • HSP sound quality
  • Standby time of up to 300 hours
  • Eco mode

9. Gigaset A120 

Gigaset A120 ECO DECT Cordless PhoneWith attention to price, the Gigaset A120 is a phone which delivers on all fronts. It has a talk time of up to 18 hours and a standby time of up to 200 hours . With it´s 50 metre range and 300 metre range outdoors, this phone is specifically designed with DECT GAP technology at it´s forefront. It has a charge time of 7 hours and is also wall-mountable.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Charge time of 7 hours
  • Standby time  200 hours
  • Alarm key
  • Expandable

10. Interquartz Gemini CLI 9

Finally we have the Interquartz Gemini CLI 9, an analogue phone with suited for business-grade standards. A powerful phone, this includes a caller ID setting, a hands-free feature and a directory able to hold a list of 50 Interquartz Gemini CLI 9335 Corded Telephonenames. This gives the Interquartz Gemini CLI 9 an amazing set of benefits which make it a great choice for businesses!  For those who are interested in knowing more about this phone´s operability it is also important to note that this phone has access to a data port and comes with a 10 year guarantee from the manufacturer!

Why you’ll love it:

  • Wall mountable
  • Caller ID available
  • Hands-free feature
  • Data port

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