Recently companies have been changing their traditional way of communicating to push to talk over cellular. This is because of the sheer amount of benefits you can gain from it. Below you can find a few of the top benefits.

Instant communication:

POC (Push-to-talk over cellular) allows you to communicate with individuals or groups over distances instantly with the press of a button.  You will not have a delay like you have with traditional walkie-talkies.

Legal to use on road:

POC communications comply with DOT regulations so you will be able to communicate on the go!

Best sound quality:

You will be able to experience superior sound quality even in the toughest environments. Thanks to the outstanding 4G LTE network and noise cancelling features,  you will never need to worry about losing your messages to a fog of static and sound.

Low start-up costs:

The traditional two-way radios require you to invest in expensive pieces of equipment. However, POC can be used with specific devices or with mobile phone apps on android or IOS phones, which can save you a lot of money.

Long distance communications:

With traditional radios communicating over a long distance was always difficult, you will always get some sort of distortion or the sound quality being degraded. However, with POC you can now communicate locally nationally or even internationally without any sound problems.


Examples of POC Radios:

iPTT Samcom CM-300 With GPSiPTT Samcom CP-300 with GPS and Single ChargeriPTT Samcom CP-320 with GPS and Single ChargerHytera PNC370
iPTT CM-300iPTT CP-300iPTT CP-320Hytera PNC372

Entel 4G LTE PoC Radio

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