Britain is going through one of their coldest winters in a while. The Telegraph has mentioned, “Mobile reception could be lost if icy winds dry air moisture on power cables and cause them to break, forecasters said.”

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This is affecting many mobile network customers across the UK. However, you can escape getting affected by these weather conditions by using iPTT POC radios!

iPTT technology uses multi-network Sims, this means they are using more than one operator’s masts. They use UKs top four major mobile networks Three, O2, EE and Vodafone. So in order for iPTT to get affected the weather needs to break all 4 mobile operators’ masts which is highly unlikely. During last year’s winter IPTT had experienced no impact at all.

They also offer both EU and USA SIM cards. Our SIM cards come with enough data to use for a full year (fair usage policy applies) so no monthly costs.

iPTT Samcom CP-300 with GPS and Single ChargeriPTT Samcom CP-320 with GPS and Single ChargeriPTT Samcom CM-300 With GPS
CP-300 CP-320CM-300


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