Who is iPTT and what are Push-to-talk over Cellular radios?

  • Founded in 2016, iPTT was created to fill a massive gap in the Radio Communications market, wide area communications.
  • The founders have more than 30 years of experience in the two-way radio and communications market.
  • iPTT brings competitively priced high-quality PTT Over Cellular (POC) devices and solutions to the UK market.
  • iPTT technology is both highly functional and affordable. Their terminals cost less than most mid to high tier DMR digital radios.

iPTT Technology

iPTT brings you the next quantum leap in communication technology, their devices give you extensive cellular data network from the top 4 mobile operators in the UK (O2, EE, Vodafone). This gives you the best coverage across the UK, Scalability across the EU, US and Africa are also possible with the correct sim and data plan.

Their network is digital and protected which means it cannot be scanned or eavesdropped. You can also insert any sim you wish as their devices are not locked.

iPTT also offers you a PC dispatcher software which gives you the ability to record calls, make dynamic talk groups, stun/un-stun terminals and even locate users via GPS. Furthermore, historic GPS data can also be replayed on a map to see previous routes the user has taken.

Why invest in POC radios?

  • Predictable costs, You are able to buy a terminal and pay an annual fee for unlimited use
  • No maintenance costs
  • No massive contracts to sign up to and leave when you wish
  • They also offer devices with a display, non-display and fixed mobile. All these devices can be purchased with a range of accessories which will make your day to day communications simple.

iPPT User License:

Every device on the iPTT network needs a user license. This also gives you all the features like GPS and call recording. The license can be transferred from device to device, but two devices can’t use the same license at the same time. Dispatcher clients also need a license to be able to access the software.

Top iPTT Products

iPTT Samcom CP-320 with GPS and Single Charger

iPTT Samcom CP-320

iPTT Samcom CM-300

iPTT Samcom CP-300

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Still unsure?

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