Walkie Talkies are a great way of communicating but picking the perfect one may be a little tricky, here’s a top ten list to help you.


  1. iPTT CP300


iPTT Samcom CP-300 with GPS and Single Charger

iPTT has taken the market by storm with their innovative new two-way radio! The CP-300 is a robust, simple to use device that offers the user the ability to make a group or single calls using the built-in voice annunciation function and side keys. This walkie talkie is a tough and small daily device which can slip into your pocket easily.


  1. iPTT CP320


iPTT Samcom CP-320 with GPS and Single Charger

The CP-320 gives you the ability to control multiple users and groups on the go. This device is most commonly used by managers.  The CP-320 allows its user to make regular phone calls from its keypad.  This walkie talkie is also small in size allowing it to be carried around easily.

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  1. Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme


The Motorola T82 Extreme is the newest collection within the Motorola product line; it has sleek, slim and stylish packaging. This walkie talkie also offers the user a tough, robust IPX4 exterior which can withstand harsh environments. Furthermore, the new hidden display comes alive when needed making it easier to call.


  1. Motorola TLKR T60 Twin Pack


Motorola TLKR T60 Twin Pack

Following on from our third choice we have the TLKR T60, again from the popular TLKR range by Motorola. With voice activation abilities and a range of 8km, it´s clear that this two-way radio places the needs of the user front and centre. Together with these features, the TLKR T60 comes with VOX functionality, making it among the top-performing radios. Boasting an impressive 8km range and VOX hands-free function, it’s easy to see why this device is a popular choice.


  1. Mitex General Xtreme


Mitex General Xtreme Twin Pack

The Mitex GeneralX Twin Pack is a set of two robust, heavy duty two-way radios that work with existing Mitex models (General, Pro and DMR). With an IP66 rating, the walkie-talkies are resistant to dust, water and vibrations, making them suitable for industrial, working and outdoor environments.


  1. Motorola XT420


Motorola XT420 Twin Pack

The XT420 is encased in a robust outer layer which renders it excellent for harsh environments. This two-way radio has been recognised as one of the best starter solutions for businesses. It is impressive in every aspect, featuring a great range (of 9km) as well as excellent durability. Sound clarity is yet another notable feature of this two-way radio thanks to the additional 1500mW loudspeaker. This device comes with an antimicrobial coating on the surface of the radio, leaving you free from the risk of bacterial build-up and germ growth.


  1. Hytera PD505LF


Hytera PD505LF Two-Way Radio

The Hytera PD505LF is a dual walkie talkie which means it can work on both analogue and digital. The walkie talkie has all the benefits of a digital radio such as high-quality communication, secure two-way communication on a single frequency as well as scrambler function in analogue mode to offer you the highest level of security.  There are many more features the Hytera offers its users e.g. long-lasting battery, text messaging, versatile voice calls.


  1. Hytera PD365LF


Hytera PD365LF Digital (Dual Mode)

The Hytera PD365LF Dual has many powerful features such as LCD screen, intuitive screen, keys to navigate and programmable keys. It has all of these features in an elegant compact design which only weighs 160g! This walkie talkie also gives you a staggering 12 hour talk time.


  1. Kenwood PKT-23


Kenwood PKT-23 License Free Two Way Radio (2)

Kenwood has designed a portable and efficient two-way radio in the PKT-23. It meets military standards and is resistant to the elements. Weighing merely 110g, this radio can fit into any pocket or attach easily onto a belt clip. Both VOX and push to talk (PTT) function available, allowing you to tailor communication to your every need.


  1. Dynascan 1D


Dynascan 1D PMR446 Walkie Talkie - Black

The Dynascan 1D is a license-free walkie talkie, it is small and discreet allowing it to be easily transported. This walkie talkie will be perfect for shops, hotels and restaurants as they will always be on the move. The Dynascan has 8 channels, an emergency button, programmable key, FM radio and a transmission timer and many more features!


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