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While a business grows, so does its communication system. However, this time Motorola has taken this concept to another level, and has designed a very small device that it’s becoming a trending topic at the hospitality and retail area. It is the two-way Motorola CLP 446.

This great device will remind you of the time when communications were through palm-sized mobiles. The smaller, the better. Still, the great little Motorola CLP is the star of many companies like Victoria’s Secret, as well as many restaurants and hotels for its incredible versatility and elegance, as well its amazing performance.

Engineered with productivity in mind to develop the best possible customer service experience, different staffs from the retail and hospitality industry gave Motorola their suggestions in regards of creating a two-way radio enough to be comfortable, to reach a high performance and keep the great image of their company.

Motorola, as innovating as it is, came up with this superb small device that includes these three specifications for the retail and hospitality industry.


In terms of comfort, the Motorola CLP 446 is manufactured with that feature as a priority, being itself so small and imperceptible that it will hardly bother who wears it. Weighing only 85.3g, and depending on the desired style, it can be used with a belt-clip on the waist or a magnetic clip-on. Hanging cables can be a major trouble when hooked on clothes and objects around you. Thanks to the Bluetooth technology, it is possible to eliminate these wires and provide hands-free to perform other tasks at the same time; therefore excellent customer service can be provided without discomfort.

Durability and performance

Big retail stores, hotels and restaurants are often busy places in which their employees regularly perform several tasks simultaneously, turning communication into something challenging, leading to misunderstandings, confusions and mistakes. To achieve high performance, the CLP provides a high-level audio, reducing delays and errors. Incorporating an assisted voice menu, discrete enough to announce the device status or function through the headset not to cause discomfort to outsiders, this great two-way radio works with a push-to-talk button becoming a simple yet natural task for employees.

The Motorola CLP 446 works with durable Li-Ion batteries, providing up to 14 hours of reliable communication, ideal for long shifts. Charging and storage system is designed to avoid inconvenience with wires, providing single chargers and multi-chargers of up to six units, designed to keep them together and save space by being able to mount it on the wall. Designed to Military Standard 810C/D/E/F/G, the CLP446 is long-lasting, resistant to low pressure, extreme temperatures, vibration and shock.

This incredible two-way radio works within a range of 7,400 m2 or 6 floors, making it the perfect device for department stores, and medium-sized hotels. Considering its 8 channels, one channel per department or department works perfectly. However, in cases where more coverage is needed, you can always install a repeater, or use a Motorola XT420 radio to sit as a repeater in the place in which you need to increase the range, thanks to its external antenna.

Elegance is a must

Working with public has visual responsibilities, often difficult to meet with a robust radio. That is why Motorola has designed the compact and sophisticated CLP, visible but never unpleasant in the eyes of customers. This two-way radio has become a vital tool for the productivity of the industries; however, it blends perfectly with uniforms and different styles for its users. The magnetic case-clip is one of its most adaptable accessories, as its magnetic force allows you to securely hang the radio on your clothes and seal it with the clip, without it falling or moving from its position.

Motorola also offers different headsets, depending on the user’s desire, from longer wires to shorter  ones, as well as different ear pods to achieve comfort and style at the same time.

Whether you are looking to enhance your hospitality business communication the best way possible, or to maintain all your staff connected whilst dealing with multitask activities, the Motorola CLP is the right accessory for you.

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