When looking for two-way radios we can find that there is a huge amount of features we have to consider. Therefore have decided to give you a little brief on a few of them, starting with basics. Portable or Mobile radios

Relaying in technology, communication leaders like Motorola have engineered great devices to excel in productivity. It was in 1923 when the first truly mobile two-way radio was developed, and 95 years after we still work our communications around them. Of course, two-way radios have been updated according to the different needs and their industries. For example, transportation such as taxi drivers and boats, or an oil-operation industry.


The benefits of a portable radio can be just that. The fact that you can transport your radio is enough for it to cover your needs. However, you can still find more benefits on a mobile two-way radio if transportation is not a must within your industry, but great communication is. The mobile two-way radios are perfect for agriculture, transportation or construction.

These radios are also seamless to avoid distraction on drivers. Paired with a speaker microphone, you can be in communication with other on the same channel. You will still be able to have both their hands free, or on the wheel and fully focused on the road.

Speakers and audio

Usually, a person that requires a two-way radio is on constant movement. However that does not mean that it is mandatory to have a portable more than a mobile one. These kinds of radios have louder speakers and generally work better in noisy places. Examples such as highways, an ambulance with sirens, streets, etc. They also have better audio with technologies to reduce background noises and allow better communications and clear messages.

Durability and range

Mobiles are usually mounted; therefore the chances of being hit or destroyed are minimal, increasing their durability to many years. Also, their range is amazing as they have a better antenna, giving this more power to their users to communicate at a larger range.

While on-the-go clients are usually prone to get portable two-way radios, that doesn’t mean everybody feels comfortable using this technology and rather work with a mobile radio instead. This is not a limitation to work with both at the same time, as most radios can be easily adaptable to both platforms, and have everyone connected without a problem.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Most devices have Bluetooth integrated and this feature amplifies the capacity of any two-way radio. It is a fantastic function if you need to keep connected to your peers but away from the mobile radio. By pairing a wireless speaker mic via Bluetooth you can complete any task without leaving your communication behind. At the same time, you can pair other accessories that allow you to maintain contact with your radio and still be focused on the road, like a push-to-talk button set on the wheel of your car.

There are many reasons why a mobile would be an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to develop their communication to the next level, but it is up to your requirements and needs the choice if to go with mobile or portable radios.

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