Phoenix Condor Microphone Array

Introducing the Condor Microphone Array, the latest in state-of-the-art audio technology from Phoenix, which has been revolutionising conferencing since its creation several years ago. In April 2016, Phoenix decided the time was right to offer the Condor to the global market – its availability on six continents demonstrates both retailer and consumer demand for this high-quality business solution. So what is all the fuss about? We have put together a guide to the key features of the Phoenix Condor which explain its metamorphic rise in the conferencing industry.


Phoenix Condor Microphone Array


Clutter-free Conferencing

The Condor prides itself on its compact and discreet nature. Our traditional view of conferencing involves clumpy hardware taking up a mountain of space (not to mention the amount of wires and cables!); in this sense, the Condor flies in the face of the norm. It can be wall mounted, placed on a flat surface or even attached to a TV to facilitate video conferencing. The Condor uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, allowing both power and data to be communicated through a single cable. It is also incredibly easy to install and use. Coupling these factors together, it isn’t hard to see why the Condor is going from strength to strength.

Technological Excellence

The Condor is much more than simply a tidy conferencing alternative. In fact, its practicality is a side-show when compared to the ground-breaking technology it comprises. It has a built-in SIP phone so that you can make calls directly using the device itself. Its sound quality is second to none, as it amplifies relevant audio information and cancels out unwanted ambient noise and reverb. With a pickup range of 9m, it is the perfect conferencing solution for your business needs.

However, don’t just take our word for it! Read a few of the comments from clients who have purchased the Phoenix Condor:

“There is nothing left to improve with the Condor in the room. There are no cables around, fast setup, pick up from anywhere in a room, and Phoenix’s proven quality. During video conferences, I even start to regret that remote parties don’t have Condors on their end.” Dmitry Odintsov, Chief Business Development Officer at TrueConf, Russia

“The Condor lit up the entire room at a 75% cost savings and only used 48 inches of real estate. It doesn’t get better than that!” – Jay Seaman, Video SME at Connectview, U.S.

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