Are you looking for a high definition voice recorder? The Philips DPM6000 might be just what you need.

Taking dictation to a new level

Introducing a first dictaphone designed by Philips, the design of the DPM6000 makes this Dictaphone appealing. With outstanding ergonomics, it is suitable for working over long periods of time. Equipped with user-friendly functions- this is a fabulous tool for all businesses!

Advantages for YOU:

  • Record at the flick of a switch 
  • Track your progress
  • High-Quality Recordings 
  • Flexibility in the Workplace 
  • Designed for maximum comfort

With the DSS recording feature, you will get the highest quality of audio recordings. If you want a greater organization system, the DSS format allows you to store more info in your file headers. The two microphones will detect any voice and produce the best speech recordings.

Experience hands-free recording with an additional docking station and foot pedal. While your Philips DPM6000 is charging your files are automatically transferred to your computer. Enjoy maximum flexibility in the workplace to make sure you complete all of your daily tasks!

As a user, you will experience no problems in using this product. You can operate the pocket memo using one hand, creating ease of use. Its slim and ergonomic shape piece together like a jigsaw with your hand, giving you ultimate comfort. The push-button allows you to insert, overwrite or append your files as an easy editing option.

Manage, monitor and maintain your progress with SpeechExec workflow software. Do not worry about losing your files, as with the priority setting you can rank your recordings so the urgent ones can be attended to first.

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