Ensuring safety in your manufacturing work environments

For both employees and employers in the manufacturing industry, hearing protection should be high up on the list of priorities. Most importantly, it protects individuals against the lasting damage that exposure to loud sounds can cause, but it also ensures that companies are operating within the law. Given that for environments working with sounds above 85 decibels, appropriate ear defence is mandatory. (If you would like to learn more on the dangers of high level sound, then take a look at this article.)

Some of the noisiest manufacturing environments with the greatest % of employees working exposed to 90 decibels or more include:

  • Lumber and woodear defenders for manufacturing
  • Textiles
  • Petroleum and coal
  • Primary metals
  • Utilities
  • Paper
  • Chemicals
  • Printing and publishing
  • Fabricated metals
  • Food
  • Machinery

So if you are working in these environments, check out our list of recommendations of ear defenders for manufacturing.

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It can be difficult to know the best devices for you, due to the vast variety of products on offer. Therefore we have compiled a list of what we think are the best hearing protection for manufacturing to save you the hassle!

Our Recommendations for Ear Defenders for Manufacturing

3M Peltor Atex Headband Headset3M Peltor Atex Headband Headset


  • ATEX approved and suitable for use in potentially explosive environments
  • Attenuation: 33db
  • In-built microphone for mobile and radio communications
  • Spiral cord for connection to Peltor adapter that enables PTT (push to talk)
  • Comfortable soft ear pads
  • Polyurethance insulated Kevlar connector cord


3M Peltor X2A Ear Muffs3M Peltor 2XA

Ref.: PELX2A

  • Medium attenuation: 31db
  • Slimline design with electrically insulated wire headband
  • Twin headband design reduces heat build-up
  • Lightweight ear cups and soft wide cushions for maximum comfort
  • CE approved


3M Peltor X4A Ear Defenders

3M Peltor X4A

Ref.: PELX4A

  • High attenuation: 33db
  • Sleek, lightweight and stylish design
  • Electrically insulated wire headband
  • Especially formulated damping pads to boost noise absorption
  • Twin headband design in order to reduce heat build-up
  • Soft wide cushions and slimline ear cups to give maximum comfort
  • CE approved





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