As technology is advancing, mobile phones have become increasingly popular and they are now a necessity for most people. Are you working in harsh environments and worried about your standard smartphone breaking? This is where rugged mobile phones come in!

Below, we have provided all of the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether investing in a rugged mobile phone is right for you.

Rugged Mobile Phones – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rugged phone?

A rugged mobile phone is definitely needed if you are working in tough working conditions. These phones meet military testing standards for protection against shock, water, dust, extreme temperatures and vibration. They are also water-resistant and can withstand submersion in water for a certain amount of time. Some are also equipped with SOS features. As well as this, a rugged smartphone will also act as a regular phone with text, call and 3G functions.

What environment am I working in?

If you are working in environments such as construction sites, manufacturing or transport and logistics, a tough mobile phone will be the best device for your needs.

Construction site

What are IP ratings?

IP ratings, measure the resistance of a device to solids and liquids. They are made up of two numbers. In simple terms when it comes to understanding an IP rating, the higher the first digit, the better the resistance to solids (i.e. dust resistance); the higher the second digit, the better the resistance to liquids (i.e. water resistance). In other words, the higher the number, the greater the protection. The chart below illustrates what each digit signifies.

IP ratings

(For more information about IP ratings, click here)

What is Dual SIM functionality?

Dual SIM functionality allows a mobile phone to hold two SIM cards. A dual SIM also allows two separate numbers, so you can keep your business and your personal life separate whilst using the same handset. As a result, a rugged phone removes the need for investing in two separate phones – a personal and a professional one. Thus, purchasing a rugged phone with dual SIM functionality is more cost-effective.

What features do I need to consider when choosing a rugged phone?

If you are working in harsh conditions, you may want to consider a rugged phone with a high IP rating. On the other hand, if you travel a lot, a phone with dual SIM functionality may be best suited to your needs. You may also want to consider whether you want a phone with long battery life, internet connection or a high-quality camera.

  • IP rating – The higher the rating, the more resistant to water, dust and sand the phone is (e.g. IP68 rating)
  • Military spec rating (e.g. MIL-SPEC 810G) – standards developed by the US Department of Defense, which test equipment to its very limits by conducting a series of experiments. For example, rugged smartphones might be drop tested, tested against extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Gorilla glass – Chemically strengthened glass designed to be damage and scratch-resistant.
  • Reinforced structure – Hard casing/ robust outer shell protects phone from drops/ shocks.
  • 4G network – Connect to the internet from wherever you are.
  • Resolution of the Camera – The higher the resolution, the better quality images you will produce. Not to mention, some rugged phone cameras can be used underwater or come with thermal imaging technology.
  • Distance measurement – This feature measures the approximate distances to different objects.

Why should I choose a rugged phone over a regular one?

A regular phone is more likely to break and become damaged whilst using it in working environments. Most regular phones on the market are not equipped with features that will protect your phone from the harshest working conditions. Meanwhile, rugged smartphones come with a variety of advanced features similar to other smartphones but also with significantly more robustness and durability.

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