Tough phones and headsets with Onedirect :

Introducing Onedirect, the latest brand of telecoms equipment offering stand-out solutions to your business’ communication needs. With Onedirect’s tough phones and corded headsets, no longer do you have to compromise quality for affordability and vice versa. What really sets Onedirect products apart from the rest is the combination of quality and affordability that they offer users. Not only this, but they have a whole two-year warranty.

Below we have outlined three great reasons why you should choose Onedirect.

Low Price Guarantee

Purchasing new office equipment for your team can be a necessary, but costly, endeavour. With Onedirect, this need not be the case. With their fantastic low price guarantee, you can save up to a third on Onedirect tough phones and headsets when compared to competing products. Just imagine, saving £100 on an order of £300!


2-Year Warranty

Despite their affordability, Onedirect products won’t force you to compromise on the quality of your office equipment; these tough phones and corded headsets are built to last. Thanks to their robust and high-quality encasing, the Onedirect telecoms range won’t let you down.  However, in the unlikely case, something goes wrong with one of your items, Onedirect offer a generous 2-year warranty on all products.

No Quibble Returns

Not only are you covered for two years with the warranty that comes with all products, if you aren’t happy with your corded headset or tough mobile phone, you will have 30 days to return the item in order to receive a full refund (providing you return it in the same condition as you receive it). Therefore, you can ensure any items you purchase from Onedirect are fully protected, giving you complete peace of mind.



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If you wish to browse the range of Onedirect products, visit our website. Alternatively, call a member of our sales team for more information on 0333 123 3050.