What is a cloud PBX (hosted telephone system)?

A cloud PBX differs from an on-premise telephone system, in that the infrastructure is based in ‘the cloud’, meaning the hardware is kept off-site in a secure data storage location.

A chosen service provider manages the telephone system for your business in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. The provider keeps all your VoIP hardware in a separate location to your business’ premises. In recent years, cloud PBXs have grown rapidly in popularity. More and more firms are recognising the benefits they offer, especially start-ups and small enterprises.

Benefits of a cloud PBX service

The cost benefit is the most obvious advantage that a hosted VoIP service offers, in comparison to the traditional landline, or an on-premise VoIP telephone system. Generally, a cloud-based VoIP system is far cheaper to set up than an on-premise PBX and often there are no setup fees. Cloud PBXs are also scalable, so you can adjust the size of your network in accordance to business growth or downsizing.

Not only are cloud VoIP systems cheaper, you can manage them more easily than an on-premise one. Firstly, the provider takes complete care of any installation, so there is no need to fret about the set-up. Once everything is set-up, the host will maintain the service for you. This includes regularly updating their software and fixing any problems that might occur. You can also customise your PBX and pay extra for advanced features. Arguably, these benefits make choosing to use a VoIP service a no-brainer for start-ups and small businesses.

There are many cloud telephone systems providers to choose from, all offering competitive pricing. Feel free to give our sales team on our free phone 0333 123 3050 for more information.


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