VoIP Service Provider: What should you be looking for?

Choosing the right VoIP service provider for your business is no easy feat. With more and more businesses choosing VoIP, the number of service providers has skyrocketed. Here at Onedirect, we know that choosing the right VoIP service provider is a big decision, so we have created this comprehensive list of what to look for in order to get you the best possible service!

1. PriceVoIP Provider: How to choose?

A lot of people look at price as the be all and end all of a VoIP service provider. However, when choosing your provider, price should not be your top priority. The VoIP service industry is extremely competitive, which keeps the prices relatively low. You should consider your specific needs as an individual or a company, and then compare prices.

2. VoIP service

Having a reliable and good quality service should be one of your most important considerations in making your choice. However, keep in mind that your broadband speed can affect the VoIP service quality, so you should check your own connection before blaming the service provider for the poor service.

3. Flexible contract and satisfaction guaranteeVoIP Provider: How to choose?

It is important to be able to try the system before you commit yourself. Look for companies which offer flexible contracts with no minimum term. A lot of service providers also offer a satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if you are not happy with the service, you get your money back. Choosing a flexible contract or a company which offers a satisfaction guarantee means that if you decide to change provider after trying it, you can do it without losing money.

4. Service plans

VoIP service plans vary greatly. There are a range of plans aimed at different customers, depending on their needs. Some plans could be aimed at residential customers, while others are for large corporations. Make sure to think about why you need a service provider, and what you are looking to get out of it before you choose which service plan to go for.

VoIP Provider: How to choose?

5. Customer support

Being able to call on good customer support if you have a technical issue is extremely important. Look for a service provider that offers 24/7 customer support. Even though it might not seem that important, it´s vital that you can get in touch with someone straight away if your system goes down, otherwise you might be left in the lurch with no communications!

6. Additional features

You should also think about what features you will be using on a day-to-day basis. Although this may seem trivial, these features can make a big difference to your efficiency around the office. Features such as call forwarding, caller ID, and call filtering are all very useful, and are usually offered as part of the VoIP service.


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