Accessories can greatly enhance the performance of your two-way radio; being well-informed on your exact needs can make all the difference. There is a vast range of two-way radio accessories on the market today. We have compiled a brief overview of the add-on products which can aid your two-way radio in its performance.

Chargers and BatteriesChargers and Batteries for Walkie Talkies two-way radio accessories

These are two of the most essential accessories available.  A long lasting and powerful battery not only boosts your range, but also requires fewer recharges.

The charger itself should be efficient and compact.


Hands-free kitsHands-free Walkie Talkie Kits - two-way radio accessories

A very popular product, particularly for those who are working in business or security industries. Whether for convenience or discretion, an earpiece will provide the perfect solution.

The most common models on the market are G-shaped, D-shaped, bodyguard or in-ear earpieces – make sure to do your research before making a purchase!

Each individual earpiece can be either single or double pin, so be sure to check the compatibility of the kit with your two-way radio.


HeadsetsWalkie Talkie Headsets

A headset is well suited to hotel or event management where the speakers may need to be more stable. Communication is more frequent in these environments; hence, having a microphone closer to the mouth is highly beneficial.


Ear defendersWalkie Talkie Ear Defenders

Damage to your hearing is irreversible, so choosing the correct hearing protection is vital. There is a huge variety of ear defenders on the market; with this in mind, we recommend researching and trying the products before you buy them.

In recent years, technological advancements have paved the way for ear defenders connect directly to your two-way radio. Of course, the old style ‘ear muffs’ are also available.


Speaker MicrophonesSpeaker Microphones - two-way radio accessories

These microphones are suitable for more specific work purposes, particularly in industries such as transportation. They come fitted with the latest audio features including noise-cancelling technology and push-to-talk (PTT), ensuring easy and clear communication whilst on the move.


AntennasWalkie Talkie Antenna

Losing contact causes inconvenience, on top of costing you time and (potentially) money. Stay connected at all times with our two-way radio antennas, increasing both the range of your radio and efficiency in the workplace.


Protective coversProtective Covers

Even with impressive IP ratings, the old adage still applies: there is no such thing as too much protection.



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