Yealink Conference Phones

Yealink Conference Phones

For an effective and high-quality means of communication, enter the Yealink conference phones range. Whether you are looking for a conference phone for mid to large-sized rooms, or even for smaller rooms, Yealink caters to all of your needs. In other words, Yealink brings you conference phones for every type of conference rooms. Equipped with new and advanced features, this is a staple office piece you would not want to miss out on! Below, we outline the excellent Yealink conference phones that are on offer. 

Yealink CP960

Introducing the CP960, the latest conference phone by the global communications provider, Yealink. A new neat and simple Y-shaped design ensures you are able to access all functions at hand. Therefore, this conference phone is extremely accessible. What´s more, it is suitable for mid to large-sized conference rooms. With this in mind, the CP960 is perfect for creating clear communications for everyday business conferences.

Perfect for larger conference rooms

  • Fitted with three microphones with a 360º pickup range, makes it easy for any voice in the room to be heard. This way, every participant will hear and be heard loud and clear.
  • A 6m distance range makes this phone perfect for bigger sized conference rooms.
  • Also, for greater audio quality, use the auxiliary cable. Simply attach your CP960 to an external loudpspeaker, which creates excellent sound around the room.

Multiway calls

  • You can enjoy up to 5-way calls with the “Yealink Pentagon Meeting Room“. As a result, this helps to create a physical conferencing experience.
  • At the touch of a button, invite or join group calls. Meanwhile, this causes no disruption to active calls.

Eliminates disruption

  • Active speaker feature
  • An automatic microphone function automatically switches off when the room is silent, and detects when someone is speaking in the room. Therefore, you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn the microphone on and off during your conferencing
  • Noise proof technology cancels out unwanted background noise. In turn, maintain increased focus and productivity during your conversations.
Yealink CP960

Yealink CP920

Click here to find out more about the Yealink CP960

Presenting the CP920, an IP conference phone by Yealink, designed for small to medium-sized conference rooms. Not to mention, this conference phone is ideal for multi-functional use. If you have a public switched telephone network (PTSN), use the CP920. Alternatively, for simple use, you can pair it with your Smartphone, PC or tablet using the Bluetooth feature. Thus, engage in clear business conference experiences with this IP phone.

Exceptional sound quality

  • With HD audio quality, you can impeccably hear everything in your conference call. In other words, any important information will not go unmissed.

Ease of use

  • A stylish Y-Shaped metal body design creates comfort and ease of use for you to quickly make conference calls
  • Make quick connections with the “Hybrid UC Meeting” on the Yealink CP920
  • Connect your conference phone to a mobile, PC or tablet, via Bluetooth or USB and join or create new conferences through merging calls

Enjoy crystal-clear conversations

  • Noise proof technology reduces any annoying background noise and minimizes distractions so that you can participate in clear communication conference calls.
  • Automatic muting microphone feature ensures no background noise is picked up and only your voice or other voices in the room will be detected.
Yealink CP920

Click here to find out more about the Yealink CP920.

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